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How it works?
What are the entry requirements for this programme?
Fast Track: Formal Qualification e.g. B-Degree and 3 Years BEE Activity
Normal Track: Matric/Certificate/Diploma

When will the training take place?
Classes are scheduled according to the number of delegates that apply to attend the programme. Once we receive 30 registered delegates - we schedule a class.

What is the NQF Level of this programme?
The current offering is pitched at NQF Level 7.

How can I apply for this programme?
Interested delegates can apply to attend the programme through the training portal http://bbbee.traininggateway.co.za/.

What is the duration of the programme?
Fast Track: 5 consecutive contact days with a month to complete your portfolio of evidence
Normal Track: 8 consecutive contact days with 6 months to hand in your portfolio of evidence

Will we be writing exams?
No, however, delegates are expected to hand in portfolio of evidence that contains individual and group assignments.

How do I apply for a bursary?
We currently do not subsidise training, once this becomes available, application forms will be available online via the portal.
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